Confession #IKHLW


There was another reason I decided to go back to juicing that I didn’t mention in my last post.

I gained two pounds. It was excess water weight from all the salt I was consuming. 

After recently losing over 61 pounds. I find myself freaking out over the slightest bit of weight gain (even though I know where it came from) so my first mind is to go back to juicing. 

Not that juicing is a bad thing, it’s just that I don’t want to be afraid to eat food and develop an eating disorder over a couple of pounds. 

I have an all or nothing personality and tend to be real strict on one side or the other when my goal is to find balance in my life.

I realize that this is what this lifestyle change is about, trying different foods, finding what I like and don’t like, until I find the balance that works for me.

As long as I am eating whole fruits and vegetables and not the processed vegan foods that I use to eat, I don’t have to worry about waking up one morning back at 206 pounds (I had a nightmare about that).

Although I’ve introduced some foods back in my diet before I was ready, my body is doing a fairly good job of adjusting. My digestion gets better with every occurrence.

I realize I still have mental work to do. I can’t allow fear to cause me to make rash decisions or be afraid to try new foods. 

The culprit is salt not food. I have to watch my sodium intake and make sure I drink extra water when I consume foods with a higher sodium content than I’m used to eating and find salt alternatives to add to my foods.

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My last meal #IKHLW


My last meal.

I had some coconut meat that I froze from the 31 day fruit feast. I made ceviche a couple of days with some of it.

It was amazing! 

I decided to used the rest of the coconut meat to make an alfredo sauce. I blended:

  • Coconut meat 
  • The scraps from 3 spiralized zucchini 
  • Juice from 1/2 of a lemon 
  • 2 garlic cloves 
  • Nutritional yeast 
  • Italian seasoning 
  • Ground black pepper 
  • Pink Himalayan salt 

I sprinkled basil and more ground black pepper on after adding the sauce to the zoodles.

This smelled so good. 

Why is this my last meal? I’m going to be juicing for rest of this month. 
Although I’ve been enjoying my zoodle dishes, 

I have really overdone it on fat and salt and it’s taking a toll on my body and I need a reset before things get out of hand. 

I introduced fats too soon back into my diet. As for salt, I really had no intention of eating salt of any kind again. I was going to invest in salt alternatives like dulse. Also I’ve been adding olives, hearts of palm and even capers to my zoodles. I know I know not a good idea. My body has let me know it’s not happy with my latest food choices.

My feet are swollen 😢

I made some mistakes coming off the fruit feast. I need to reset my system and start over. There are other reasons for me juicing the rest of the month.

  1. To refocus. I’m going through a few transitions in my life and I am stressing over them. I may be moving to a new position at work and I’m moving to a new place. Which brings me to number two.
  2. To save money. I find that it is easier to stay on budget when I’m juicing. I know what I need to buy and where to get the best prices.
  3. To simplify. The whole process of juicing is simple and straightforward 

I could just cut fat and salt from my diet and continue my raw vegan journey. To be honest, with everything that’s going on, I don’t want to think about eating right now.

Plus I am packing for my move and I don’t want to have a lot of appliances and utensils that I have to pack last minute.

I will also be rebounding during this juice cleanse to help get my lymphatic system moving. 

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My colon hydrotherapy experience #IKHLW



This post is about bodily functions. The language is not very graphic but the subject matter may not appeal to all readers.

This post is a long time coming. I mentioned I would talk about my colon hydrotherapy experience in my blog post  Juicing update/Quck rant

I decided to go on a juice cleanse after being on a vegan junk food binge that had me feeling depressed and so bloated I looked like I was five months pregnant. 

My focus for the cleanse was to improve my digestion so I can transition into a clean vegan diet. 

I was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome in the past and I’ve read about how the colon is the foundation of good health.

One of the ways to help heal the colon is through colon hydrotherapy or colonics as they are popularly referred to.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove fermented fecal matter, gas and mucus. A clean colon allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily.  Colonics also help rehydrate & reshape the colon.

There is a big difference between a healthy colon and a toxic one. A lot of health and emotional problems can be attributed to a toxic colon.

The colon is six feet long and a toxic colon can hold up to 20 pounds of impacted waste.

I definitely knew I had a toxic colon and decided to get colon hydrotherapy.

Between November 30, 2016-December 14, 2016 I got six colonics at Total Body Image. There I received an open colonic. 

With the open colonic system, the table on which you sit has a basin set into it. 

Your hips are at the edge of the basin so intestinal waste may fall easily into it. The waste is “open” to the air, hence the term “open-system”. You insert a pencil-thin stick called a speculum into the anus. 

Pressurized water flows from a tank. The water fills up your colon and you let gravity take over. There is also a tube on the machine that lets you see what you are passing (it’s like a car wreck, you don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away).

The kind of colonics I’ve seen on reality shows have been the closed type. Closed colonics use a large tubing system and there is a therapist that sits with you and administers the colonic.

I ended up choosing the open colonic because it was the only type I could find in my area. 

When I arrived at my first session, the therapist had me fill out a basic medical questionnaire and explained the process of colon hydrotherapy to me.  She also showed me a chart with pictures of a healthy colon and colons in different stages of disfuction.  The therapist also explained to me what section of my colon would be cleansed with each session.

I entered a private room with warm lighting from a pink Himalayan salt lamp. The therapist checked to make sure l inserted the speculum property by explaining what I should be feeling and instructing me how to reposition myself for maximum water flow. 

The therapist came in the room periodically to check the water pressure, temperature and make sure I was not experiencing any discomfort.

I have to admit it was really awkward every time the therapist came in the room, I couldn’t imagine getting a closed colonic where the therapist sits with you throughout the process.

It took me awhile to get used to letting the water flow, at first I was fighting it and holding the water in (like you would do with an enema).  Once I relaxed and let the water do the work, what came out of me was quite shocking.

Without being too graphic, the first session was like I was passing rocks. The following sessions I moved waste of all shapes, sizes and consistencies. It was amazing and disturbing what I was holding inside my colon.

The price I paid for my six sessions was 85.00 for the first four, the fifth one was free and the sixth one was at a reduced price of 65.00.

 I plan on making colonic hydrotherapy a part of my healthy lifestyle and get them once a year. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying it. 

With any service like this do your research, get feedback from people who have done it. Check the facility for reviews and the therapist for certifications. 

If price is holding you back, look at it like this, would you rather spend money on getting a healthy hydrated colon or on prescription drugs, laxatives and antacids.

If you have had colonic hydrotherapy please share your experience. If you are interested in getting colon hydrotherapy feel free to ask questions. 

To learn how to take control over your eating habits after you get your colon hydrotherapy, buy the book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I 

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Juicing update/quick rant #IKHLW


Rant first:

Tomorrow 1/5/17 will be my 60th day on a juice cleanse.  For the past five days I have been sick. I rarely get sick but there is this virus going around and I caught it. 

There are some things that I have been doing which I will explain later that I feel made me susceptible to the virus. So when I explained to a friend that I was sick, the first thing they said was, “you are sick because of juicing.” 

Needless to say that statement made me a little tight. Like the thought of giving my body nothing but nutrients from living fruits and vegetables would make me sick as opposed to eating processed foods and chewing on dead flesh full of bacteria, blood, puss and antibiotics. SMH

Rant over.

So why did I get sick? 

First, I stopped drinking enough juice. When you are on a juice cleanse for a prolonged period of time you don’t have much of an appetite. At least I didn’t and instead of drinking my regular three bottles of juice a day, I was only drinking one.

Second, I let toxins build up in my body. For the first five weeks of my juice cleanse, I was getting colonic hydrotherapy. I will blog about my experience in another post. I stopped for financial reasons (saving for a house), and I didn’t replace it with an elimination plan.  The longer you are on a juice cleanse, the less bowel movements you have.

Because juice has no fiber, there is nothing to push out the toxins from your colon, so it is important to use a mild herbal laxative or do regular enemas.

Third, I wasn’t sticking to my sleep schedule. When cleansing, or starting any healthy lifestyle change, sleep is the most important weapon in your arsenal. It is during sleep that your body repairs itself. When you shortchange your body of sleep, you throw your whole system out of wack.

Fourth, l got diverted from the real reason I started the juice cleanse in the first place. I’ve lost 36lbs so far and I made that the focus of the cleanse. I’ve become a slave to the scale and I get stressed when my weekly weigh in doesn’t show the number I think it should. I started this cleanse to break food addictions, give my digestion a rest, to stop using food as a punishment/ reward, to gain clarity and to transition to a healthier vegan diet. Weight loss is just a byproduct, but healing myself is the main goal.

I’m thinking about going another 30 days on the cleanse, getting sick let me know I have more healing to do. Now that I know  what I’ve been doing wrong, I can continue on a better note.

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Tips on Starting a Juice Cleanse #IKHLW


Juicing is a great way to reset your body. Fresh juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients that go straight into your blood stream and nourish your cells and organs. 

Juicing also gives your digestion a rest because it’s devoid of fiber.

When starting a juice cleanse consider these tips 

  1. Get a clear understanding of why you have chosen to do a juice cleanse. If you are not sure why you’re doing a juice cleanse it will make it harder to stick to it 
  2. Make sure you have a juicer not a blender. High powered blenders do liquify fruits and vegetables but they don’t remove the pulp and fiber. If you are going to use a blender, you must strain your juice before drinking it.
  3. A week or two before starting a juice cleanse, eat clean. If you go into a juice cleanse after eating high fat, high processed steak and potatoes type meals, your detox symptoms will be worse.
  4. The first three days are the hardest. If you can, plan your juice cleanse on a three day weekend or on days where you don’t have to do anything too physical.
  5. Don’t exercise during your juice cleanse. This is a time for rest and recovery. You can take a leisurely stroll or do light yoga, but no strenuous exercise.
  6. If this is your first juice cleanse, don’t go more than five days. As you get the hang of juicing and how your body reacts, you can always increase your days 
  7. When coming off a juice cleanse, don’t eat a big heavy meal right away. Depending on how long your juice cleanse is it is best to reintroduce foods one at a time over a few days. Start with smoothies, fruits, soups before adding solid foods. It should take 1/3 the time of your total cleanse to get back to eating solid food ( for example if your cleanse was 10 days, it should take 3 days to reintroduce sold foods)
  8. Have an exit plan. If you are cleansing to lose weight, understand if you go back to your old ways of eating (if it’s not clean) you will end up gaining the weight back. Use the cleanse to help you transition into healthier eating.
  9. Drink plenty of water. This will aid your body in releasing toxins and help you feel full.
  10. Enjoy the process! A juice cleanse can be mentally and spiritually cleansing as well it helps you to gain focus and clarity.

For more information on juicing, check out the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. He also has a website full of juice recipes and he offers guided reboot juicing plans 

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