Fruit feast day 31 #IKHLW


My morning concoction of green papaya and apples. It was good. I’m glad I didn’t throw out the papaya.

For lunch I had a papaya 

I ended my day with some durian 

I have a few things to say about my experience doing this fruit feast that I will post in a separate blog.

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Fruit feast day 30 #IKHLW 


Today was simple. I started the day with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice.

For lunch I tried to eat the papaya but it was hard inside.

I don’t know if it was ripe or not but I never had this type of papaya and wanted to try it. After I couldn’t eat it, I looked up green papaya online. It is known as the cooking papaya. It is used in Asian dishes. 

According to what I read, it doesn’t get ripe and soft like other types of papaya and it has a more cucumber taste. I didn’t throw it away. I’m going to add it to my apple juice I plan on making in the morning.
I ate pineapple and jackfruit for lunch instead.

I had watermelon for dinner. Never disappoints 

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Fruit feast day 29 #IKHLW


I got on the rebounder for 5 minutes this morning. I can really feel it in my legs and my abs.

Pineapple date smoothie, watermelon and in the round container a piece of durian. The smoothie was bad. I really can’t get this smoothie thing right. If it’s not coconut water and mango I don’t want it.
I miss not having my smoothie in the morning. I’m hungry but I really don’t feel like chewing. For lunch I had watermelon. It wasn’t very sweet and it was almost over ripe. 
On my way home I ate the piece of durian.

For dinner I had pineapple and jackfruit. I really like the combination. 
I can’t believe that there’s only two days left of the fruit feast. I’m still not sure how to make a raw vegan lifestyle more practical, but I’ll figure it out.

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Fruit feast day 28 #IKHLW


Prepping my lunch this morning. I decided bringing the knife to work wouldn’t be a good idea so I cut my watermelon in half and wrapped it in plastic so I could eat it right out the rind.

I was out of mangoes and coconut water so I made a smoothie with pineapple, baby bananas and 3 soaked saggae dates. I didn’t like it. 

I don’t really like bananas. I bought all these baby bananas because I was told they taste better than regular bananas. To me the taste just like regular bananas, the only good thing is they are small and I can eat them quickly. I like banana nice cream, and I like smoothies with bananas and certain fruits, but not pineapple. I’m still hoping the plantains will be the member of the banana family I really like, but they are so slow to ripen.

Jackfruit. It’s what’s for dinner. 

It took me about 45 minutes to get the fruit out, but it was worth it. It yielded quite a lot.

I think I may try blending some with my pineapple tomorrow morning and make a smoothie. We shall see.

Fruit feast day 27 #IKHLW


I did 5 minutes on my rebounder this morning. I could feel it in my legs my abs and arms. I am going to slowly work my way up to 15 minutes.

I had my mango coconut water smoothie for my first meal. I brought a papaya, Asian pear and two Thai baby bananas to work with me.

The pear was nice and juicy. The bananas tasted like bananas but smaller. The papaya was awesome.

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Fruit feast day 26 #IKHLW


I started the morning with cantaloupe and passion fruit. Later I had my mango coconut water smoothie.

I put together my rebounder and got on it for about five minutes. I could already feel it after being on it for such a short time.

I went to a restaurant today. All the salads on the menu had meat and cheese in them, so I asked the waitress to have the kitchen make me this salad.

Field greens, cucumber, tomato, avocado and olives with lemon juice squeezed on it. This salad was outside the rules of the fruit feast. Although all but the field greens were fruits, only sweet non botanical fruits are allowed on this 31 day fruit feast. 

That being said, the salad was so good!

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Fruit feast day 25 #IKHLW


“After eating durian I just sit back and reflect on how great life is.” 

Today I didn’t have my first meal until 1:00pm. I had a mango coconut water smoothie. 

I bought a pack of frozen durian (budget blown) and enjoyed that for my next meal. I love durian and if loving durian is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I got an Asian pear, but I’m not going to eat it today. I may wait until Monday before I eat it.

Look what I got.

I originally ordered an Urban Rebounder but they are on back order with no date for when they will be back in stock, so I canceled the order and searched online and found this one. 

On Dick’s Sporting goods website it retails for $79.99, on it retails for $37.46. I got it from Walmart. The reviews on both sites were good for this rebounder. I will do a blog post on why I decided to get a rebounder and document my experience with it.

Me and papaya go back like babies and pacifiers.

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