Review: Good Catch Foods vegan tuna

Photo courtesy of @goodcatchfoods Instagram page

After 2 whole years of following them in anticipation on Facebook and Instagram, Good Catch Foods has finally released their vegan tuna. As of the date of this post the vegan tuna is available via Thrive Market and Whole Foods.

Photo courtesy of @goodcatchfoods Instagram page

I purchased the water packed vegan tuna from my local Whole Foods. I paid $4.99 for a 3.3oz pouch of vegan tuna.

Photo courtesy of @goodcatchfoods Instagram

Needless to say there’s some sticker shock about the price of the fish-free tuna when you can get a can or pouch of regular tuna for under $2.00. But paying more for plant based meat alternatives is par for the course at this point and hopefully demand will drive the price down.

So I kept it simple and made tuna salad with the vegan tuna. I tasted it out of the pack before adding the other ingredients and the texture is spot on.

The taste left a little to be desired. I’m not sure if it tastes too much like I remember tuna tasting like or not enough. After making the tuna salad I tried it with some crackers and it was good. It tasted even better the next day.

To be honest, I’m a little let down by the Good Catch Foods fish-free tuna. I was expecting them to be the Beyond Meat of vegan tuna. I’ll take the blame for that. I’ve only tried one flavor, there is oil and herb and Mediterranean flavors I have yet to try so I’m not giving up on the product.

I would suggest that you give it a try and judge for yourself. Other than the price, I feel this is the best vegan tuna I’ve tried.

Let me know what you think of Good Catch Foods fish-free tuna.

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