Self-love day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day when people in relationships celebrate their love for one another.

I’ve decided to make today, February 13, 2019 Self-Love day. Not because I’m not in a relationship, but because I want to start a tradition of showing myself love.

Self-love is very important to overall health. We tend to spend so much time showing love to others, that we forget to show ourselves love.

So to show myself love on Self-love Day, I may

  • Send myself flowers
  • Take myself to the movies
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath
  • Treat myself to a nice dinner at one of my favorite vegan restaurants
  • Rent a luxury hotel room for the night
  • Buy myself a new outfit and shoes
  • Get a manicure, pedicure and facial

Self-love day doesn’t have to cost money, I can just relax in my pajamas and watch all my favorite movies or read a book.

I will tell myself “I love you” often and affirm myself.

The things I’ve listed in this blog are not things I’m only going to wait until February 13th to do, these are things I want to take time to do for myself on a regular basis, Self-love Day is just the kick off.

How do you show yourself love? Comment, reblog and follow.

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