Pay attention to your body

“No pain, no gain”, “feel the burn”, “no days off”, “push yourself”. We’ve all heard these sayings and probably said them. Although these phrases are meant for motivation and to push you beyond your comfort zone when engaging in physical activity, sometimes the pain and the burn are signals that something is not right.

I’m all for getting the most out of a workout but discomfort isn’t always a sign of progress. Sharp pains, heart palpitations and feeling flush can be your body signaling that something is wrong.

Also there is a myth that pushing yourself to extreme discomfort is the only way to benefit from exercise.

Physical activity of any kind is good for your body. Regular exercise helps with circulation, mood stabilization and overall wellness.

Your body is a intricate machine that can perform at various levels. Depending on how you treat it, your body can perform at the basic level of keeping you alive or it can perform at the optimal level like a well trained athlete.

Know where you are on the spectrum and pay attention to the signs and warnings your body may be sending you when you are going “balls to the wall” in the gym.

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