Vegan in Cleveland: Urban Soul Grille

I’m starting a new segment on my blog to highlight vegan restaurants in and around the Cleveland area. I am very excited to bring these restaurants to the forefront.

The first restaurant I’m going to highlight in this series is Urban Soul Grill. This restaurant is not located in Cleveland but in the nearby city of Mentor.

Urban Soul Grille is a vegan soul food restaurant. I became aware of Urban Soul Grille at a pop up they did over the summer before the restaurant opened and I was hooked. I’ve been to the restaurant three times in the past month. I haven’t had everything on the menu but I’m working on it. So far I’ve had their fried “fish” “crab cake”, mac and “cheese” cauliflower buffalo “wings” fried okra fried pickles (my first time ever having those) and “chicken” and waffles

Everything was delicious! My non vegan daughters love the food (I’m still working to convert them). As far as their desserts, I’ve only had the peach cobbler which is awesome because they run out of the banana pudding (which says a lot).

My favorite dish so far is the fried “fish” but like I said I haven’t gotten through the entire menu yet.

So if you are missing soul food or want a cruelty free alternative, give Urban Soul Food Grille a try. It is very important for us vegans to support vegan establishments to keep them in n businesses (steps off soap box).

You can visit their website at You can also follow them on Instagram @urbansoulgrilleHave you been to Urban Soul Grille? What are your thoughts? Do you know of a Vegan restaurant that should be highlighted? Let me know in the comments.

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