Moderation is a bad word

The word moderation refers to the avoidance of excess extremes or within reasonable limits.

Moderation is the word that is used in the health and wellness industry to give people permission to occasionally indulge in something that isn’t the healthiest or best option. “As long as it’s done in moderation it’s ok.”

Those that believe moderation is a bad word propose the flaw of everything in moderation comes down to ones’s interpretation.

Is moderation really a positive approach to living a balanced lifestyle or is it a catch phrase that is subject to interpretation.

There are no rules or guidelines to moderation. It depends on the individual.

Some say moderation is an excuse to overindulge in things that aren’t healthy.

For example a person who eats pizza four days per week changes to eating pizza three days per week, to them this is moderation, to someone else eating pizza three days per week is obsessive.

Another example is when someone tries to use moderation to control something that they don’t have control over. Such as someone who has a problem with alcohol only drinking on the weekend, but they drink until they blackout or pass out.

Some of us can use the concept of moderation as a tool for success. Some of us (like me) use moderation to maintain status quo and justify holding on to something we know is not good for us.

Do you think moderation is a bad word?

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