Self sabotage

In chapter 9, Mind Games, in my book I Know How to Lose Weight So Why Haven’t I, l discuss the topic of self sabotage.

Self sabotage is a game we play with ourselves when we try to save ourselves from our own negative emotions.

We get close to accomplishing a goal then we start thinking of what if the expectations of achieving this goal doesn’t pan out the way we expect it to.

  • What if losing weight doesn’t solve all of my problems
  • What if getting a new job doesn’t help my finances
  • What if being in this relationship doesn’t make me happy

To save ourselves from the “what if’s” we start behaving in ways that will prevent us from achieving the goal at hand. It is a strange way of solving a problem that doesn’t really exist only our fear of the problem exists.

How do we avoid self sabotaging behavior? There are a few things we can do to avoid allowing fear to derail our efforts.

  • Live in the moment. Don’t allow your thoughts to get so far ahead that fear starts to take over
  • Celebrate your progress. Take time to acknowledge where you are in achieving your goal and what it took to get there.
  • See your goals as stepping stones on your journey and not the be all end all.
  • Explore the “what if”. Play out your worst case scenario. Ask yourself is this perceived outcome worth sabotaging your efforts? Take the fear away from the unknown and continue moving forward.

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