The inner critic

When trying to make changes of any kind, some of us find ourselves battling with our inner critic. That little voice in our heads that tear us down and fill us with self doubt.

  • It’s the voice of our fears
  • The voice of our low self esteem
  • The voice of criticism we’ve received from others
  • I had to address my inner critic when I started on my wellness journey. I found myself often repeating the words of my former boyfriend (who was abusive) to myself.
  • “For someone who has a college degree you are really stupid”
  • “There’s something wrong with you”
  • “It’s your fault “
  • And so on.
  • When I realized this, I confronted my inner critic and changed how I spoke to myself.
  • How to quiet your inner critic
    • Stop! When you find yourself speaking negatively to yourself stop immediately. I sometimes said “stop it ” out loud to quiet my inner critic.
      Write down the most repeated negative phrases your inner critic says to you and replace them with positive phrases
      Affirm yourself daily ” I am worthy ” “I am loved” “I am enough “
      Look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you

    The last one was very hard for me to do. I would just stare at myself in the mirror for minutes and couldn’t bring myself to say I love you. Sometimes I would break down in tears. It took a while before I was able to tell myself I love you but when I finally did it was freeing.

    I was able to break free of the mental torture I was still under from my former relationship. My self esteem was boosted and I stopped holding myself hostage from trying new things just because I wasn’t a certain size or look a certain way. I no longer let what other people say affect me as much as it use to.

    It feels good that no matter what I love and accept myself.

    Does the inner critic stop talking, no but now I’m able to address where the criticism is coming from and talk my way through it. #IKHLW

    How do you deal with your inner critic?

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