Exercise is not one size fits all

There is a popular saying “no pain, no gain” that many of us use as a mantra to push ourselves harder during our workout, but sometimes that pain is a signal from your body that it’s in distress.

Back, knee and calf injuries are all too common when we go all in on an exercise regimen.

It is important to be more physically active but it’s just as important to know your physical limitations. There’s a difference in feeling pain from sore muscles after getting in a good workout and shooting pain from strained ligaments pulled muscles and pinched nerves.

Knowing your physical limitations is especially important if you are seeking assistance from a personal trainer. You want to find someone who asks about your fitness level and any physical issues you have that may interfere with you performing certain exercises.

Be aware of trainers who don’t take these factors into consideration and push you to far beyond your physical abilities. It’s easier to find another trainer than it is to heal from exercise related injuries.

That being said, exercise is going to be uncomfortable, especially if we are coming from a place of being sedentary. Fitness levels vary and there is nothing wrong with starting a low impact workout and increasing the intensity level as your body adjusts. With consistency your body will get stronger and you will receive benefits at every stage.

In my book I Know How to Lose Weight So Why Haven’t I, I address starting an exercise routine that takes into account your fitness level and motivation towards exercise.

Know your body, trust yourself and remember “some pain is strain”. #ikhlw #loveyourselfbacktogoodhealth

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