Cleveland VegFest

The 5th annual Cleveland VegFest was held on May 5, 2018 at Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

I remember attending the first VegFest in 2013. It was held at Cleveland State University in one of their ballrooms. I missed the three following VegFests, but I’m glad to see the VegFest has grown over the years.

This year it was a family affair. Myself, my two daughters and my granddaughter attended the VegFest

The admission to the Cleveland VegFest was free, but for a donation of $5.00 you could get a recyclable bag.

The Cleveland VegFest highlights local vegan restaurants and businesses. Hundreds of booths of vendors selling everything from cosmetics, apparel, organic baby foods, beauty products, and raw vegan snacks. There was a section dedicated to local vegan restaurants and the lines for those booths stayed packed! There were no corporate vegan/vegetarian brand booths there (I’m not sure if that’s by design).

I made the mistake of not being prepared budget wise to really take advantage of all the products and foods that I wanted to buy. I will definitely be better prepared next year.

The few vendors we purchased things from were Wildcraft Apothecary This vendor carried vegan organic perfumes, tooth powders, air fresheners and oil blends to reduce stress, soothe headaches and give you energy.

(Room mist, headache relief perfume and neutral lip balm from Wildcraft Apothecary)

We picked up some Holmes Mouthwatering Apple Sauce I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but my daughter says it’s delicious.

(Holmes Mouthwatering Apple Sauce cinnamon flavor)

Erinn Sneed she is a children’s book author. You can click on her name to visit her Facebook page.

For lunch we went to one of my favorite food trucks (parked outside of the venue) The Wild Spork Northeast Ohio’s all vegan food truck. It was a tater tots kind of day.

(Clockwise: vegan cheesesteak with tater tots, buffalo tater tots, and nacho tots😋)

(My granddaughter Layla and her mother Alexis with Mr. Broccoli)

For dessert, cupcakes from The Cute Little Cake Shop They were so good

(Chocolate lava brownie cupcake)

The VegFest also had three stages where featured speakers, cooking demos and music were performed.

We saw Grey the vegan rapper @officialgreymusic and the owner of the Plant Based Dripping clothing line perform. He did a great set and gave an inspirational speech on how he became vegan.

(@officialgreymusic and my daughter Alexis. I was too scared to ask for a picture)

The last thing we picked up was from The Fanciful Fox a beauty brand that sells soaps, lotions, lip balms and lip tints. All vegan.

(Bronze lip tint from The Fanciful Fox)

I had such a great time at Cleveland VegFest and I can’t wait until next year. My wallet will be better prepared.

The Cleveland VegFest is hosted by The Cleveland Vegan Society visit their website to keep informed about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and ways you can support.

I was going to post a YouTube video but my memory card is corroded and I couldn’t get the footage from it.

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