If you don’t want to write it in your food journal then you shouldn’t be eating it

Keeping a food journal is a good way to track what you are eating and it helps to give you a picture of your eating habits and areas where you can make changes.

When keeping a food journal make sure you:

  • Record everything you eat (just because you don’t record it doesn’t mean you didn’t eat it)
  • Track beverages juices, sports drinks and alcohol contain sugar and empty calories
  • Keep track of snacks. If you find yourself snacking often during the day you may want to eat a meal instead
  • Keep track of the times you eat

A food journal is a good tool to assist you in developing a healthier lifestyle plan. It helps to keep you accountable. You can use your journal to address eating habits, identify patterns of behaviors around food and decide which foods you need to eliminate from your diet.

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