Healthy body, trendy body #IKHLW

I want to be clear that the photos used in this post are only examples. I am in no way saying that the body types depicted in the pictures are not healthy.

The point of this post is to bring to light some of the trends that are not healthy people are using in order to achieve a certain body type.

Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes (depicted in the picture above) that are unique to the individual. A healthy body is one that maintains a healthy weight, doesn’t expend a lot of energy and has a healthy immune system.

In the last few years there has been a trend towards a body shape that is not necessarily healthy or achieved through healthy means.

Not to say this is an unhealthy body shape, but if one has to use unhealthy methods to achieve the shape then it is not healthy.

All to often you hear of woman getting butt implants and injections, some of which are done by unlicensed unqualified people and result in infections, decapitation of limbs, or even death.

There are now teas, shapers and waist trainers being marketed to women that promise to give them the “coke bottle figure ” with little to no work or effort.

In reality the teas don’t work, the shapers restrict your blood flow, and some waist trainers cause damage to your internal organs.

The trendy body type is not one created by clean eating and exercise, it is created in a plastic surgeons office and marketed as healthy.

Reality stars, Instagram models and video vixens bombard social media and television showing off their  extreme hourglass figures and influencing young girls and women to try and achieve the same.

This is not what healthy is. Healthy is achieving your own unique body shape by feeding your body nutritious foods, getting plenty of rest and regular exercise. Having a healthy body image and loving yourself for who you are as you are is what makes a healthy body.

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