Food addiction is real and most of us are functional addicts #IKHLW

Addiction-the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Food is the most abused substance known to man. We use food:

  • As a coping mechanism
  • To stuff our feelings
  • To celebrate
  • To get over heartbreak
  • To show love
  • To reward and punish.

We all know someone who is lactose intolerant and still eats cheese or that one relative that has diabetes or hypertension and have been told by their doctor to give up pork or red meat and refuse, or the person who can’t give up sweets.

These are not choices, they are symptoms of addiction. Not wanting or willing to give up something even though you know it’s bad for you and can potentially hurt you.

Bet you can’t eat just one is more than a catchy slogan. Processed food is engineered to appeal to our tastes for salt sugar and fat so foods that are meant to be snacks or eaten every once and a while like chips and cookies are now pantry staples and a daily part of our diets. Fast food is is one of the biggest contributors of food addiction.

Just like illegal drug dealers, there is a fast food restaurant on every corner all bidding to get us to buy their product tempting us with their value menus, providing us with food that is designed to get us hooked and keep us coming back for more.

These foods have no nutritional value and are high in calories. When trying to cut these foods out of our diets we can experience unpleasant side effects like cravings, headaches and even depression.

Like any other drug, food feels good as we are consuming it releasing endorphins and other pleasure hormones, but as soon as the feelings subside we are left feeling sad and guilty.

What foods do you have to have? What would you do if you had to give them up?

If you suffer from food addiction, it may be a deeper issue you are experiencing. To learn more about how emotional issues can effect our eating habits, buy a copy of I Know How To Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I 

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