Confession #IKHLW


There was another reason I decided to go back to juicing that I didn’t mention in my last post.

I gained two pounds. It was excess water weight from all the salt I was consuming. 

After recently losing over 61 pounds. I find myself freaking out over the slightest bit of weight gain (even though I know where it came from) so my first mind is to go back to juicing. 

Not that juicing is a bad thing, it’s just that I don’t want to be afraid to eat food and develop an eating disorder over a couple of pounds. 

I have an all or nothing personality and tend to be real strict on one side or the other when my goal is to find balance in my life.

I realize that this is what this lifestyle change is about, trying different foods, finding what I like and don’t like, until I find the balance that works for me.

As long as I am eating whole fruits and vegetables and not the processed vegan foods that I use to eat, I don’t have to worry about waking up one morning back at 206 pounds (I had a nightmare about that).

Although I’ve introduced some foods back in my diet before I was ready, my body is doing a fairly good job of adjusting. My digestion gets better with every occurrence.

I realize I still have mental work to do. I can’t allow fear to cause me to make rash decisions or be afraid to try new foods. 

The culprit is salt not food. I have to watch my sodium intake and make sure I drink extra water when I consume foods with a higher sodium content than I’m used to eating and find salt alternatives to add to my foods.

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