Fruit feast day 25 #IKHLW

“After eating durian I just sit back and reflect on how great life is.”

Today I didn’t have my first meal until 1:00pm. I had a mango coconut water smoothie.

I bought a pack of frozen durian (budget blown) and enjoyed that for my next meal. I love durian and if loving durian is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I got an Asian pear, but I’m not going to eat it today. I may wait until Monday before I eat it.

Look what I got.

I originally ordered an Urban Rebounder but they are on back order with no date for when they will be back in stock, so I canceled the order and searched online and found this one.

On Dick’s Sporting goods website it retails for $79.99, on it retails for $37.46. I got it from Walmart. The reviews on both sites were good for this rebounder. I will do a blog post on why I decided to get a rebounder and document my experience with it.

Me and papaya go back like babies and pacifiers.

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