Fruit feast day 20 #IKHLW

Today was a busy day. I had to take a test this morning for a position I applied for. Then I had to take my daughter to an appointment.

I started the day with my mango coconut water smoothie but I only had one good mango so I added a banana to my smoothie. It was OK. I’m not really a fan of bananas.
After my test I was starving so my daughter and I went to the grocery store. I was bombarded with smells and sights of All types of food and for a nanosecond I wanted some vegan sushi. I saw the produce section and the want faded.

I got a papaya and a cherimoya. The cherimoya was soft sweet tart and creamy. It was very filling. After eating half of my papaya I was full and I can usually go through a whole papaya with no problem.

I went to the Asian market and stocked up on some things.

I’m planning on making blueberry coconut water smoothies. I also got dragon fruit and mangoes for my daughter I saw what I thought was a ripe plantain and I bought one since mine are still ripening.

It was soft to the touch, but when I cut it open there still were some hard areas and it didn’t look creamy like I’ve seen in YouTube videos. I didn’t eat it because I was afraid it wasn’t as ripe as I thought and I didn’t want to not like plantains because of it.

I went to the grocery store to get cantaloupes because they are on sale. I was inspired to create some fruit art.

My last meal I had dragon fruit and cherimoya. Oh I also got this beauty.

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