Fruit feast day 17: mission jackfruit #IKHLW

I started the day with a green apple juice

It was very good and filling. I think I’m going to start my mornings with this juice. I followed with my mango coconut water smoothie.

For lunch I had half of a watermelon that I cut up and put in two containers (I forgot to take a picture). I noticed I wasn’t really hungry by lunch time but I ate the watermelon anyway.
After work I stopped at the Asian market

Yes, that is a durian you see in my cart. I was craving jackfruit which is what brought me to the Asian market in the first place. There are a few Asian markets within a few blocks from each other and I went to all of them.

The first market didn’t have any produce. The second market had one jackfruit that was brown and moldy. The third market had a jackfruit but it was green, hard and about 30 pounds so even if it was ripe, I couldn’t afford it. While at the third market I picked up the items pictured above (watermelon, 2 yellow papayas, durian and 2 dragon fruits).

I still wanted jackfruit, so off to Whole Foods I went. The store nearest to my house didn’t have any so I drove 10 minutes to another Whole Foods. Jackpot jackfruit!
There were three slices left and I bought all three. This was all I got from the slices.

I guess I should be grateful, that store could have been out too. Knowing that this wouldn’t be enough to fill me up, I added a dragon fruit.

So in the last few posts I’ve been struggling with trying to make practical choices with how much I spend on this fruit feast and making the transition to raw vegan.

Although I know I have to make more budget friendly decisions, I’ve decided not to stress over it. I’m having fun trying new fruits. I’m putting good food into my body which is going to save me money in the long term on doctors visits and other health related expenses. Plus I can always increase my food budget to accommodate my new lifestyle. I’m not going to focus on the destination, I’m going to enjoy the journey.

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