Fruit feast day 16 (part2)

I feel the need to clarify something from part 1 of this post. The nutritional information I posted was for a whole durian fruit. The very first time I had durian it was the whole fruit. Since then I’ve been eating frozen vacuum sealed durian that usually contain two pods.

I made my mango coconut water smoothie to start the day. It is so important to have ripe mangoes for this smoothie. Unripe mangoes makes the smoothie taste sour.

I’m convinced putting papayas in the refrigerator ruins them. I put one in the refrigerator overnight. When I tried to eat it for lunch, the texture was chewy and the flavor wasn’t right. Luckily I brought another papaya with me that I didn’t refrigerate. It was delicious!

I had some durian because I wanted it. It was delicious.

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