Fruit feast day 16 (part 1)

Fifteen days into the fruit feast and I need a reset. The goal of me starting the fruit feast is to transition to a raw vegan lifestyle. In order for me to make the transition, I need to focus more on what a typical day would look like.

I’ve had so much fun trying new fruits, I haven’t been very practical about how I’m going to sustain this lifestyle. I have to find a balance.

I also jumped the gun on how I wanted to reintroduce solid foods back into my diet. Prior to starting the fruit feast, I had just completed a 114 day juice cleanse. So joining the fruit feast was right on time and seemed like a gentle way to get back on solid foods. The rules of the feast are simple:

  • Eat water rich raw sweet fruits
  • No botanical fruits
  • Drink plenty of water (if needed)
  • No nuts or seeds
  • No coffee or tea
  • Juices and smoothies are allowed but limited to one of each per day
  • No herbs or supplements
  • Exercise

I was doing fine until I tried durian. I’m not bad mouthing durian, I love it, but I wish I hadn’t been introduced to it so soon.
I had a plan, I wanted to introduce fiber from fruits first, fruit fats like avocado, coconut meat and durian next, then add greens, salad and vegetable fiber, then nuts and seeds.

This was all supposed to take place over a three month period. Eight days into the fruit feast, I try durian for the first time and eat it four days straight!

Now it’s not the end of the world. Durian has lots of health benefits, it’s very satiating and it tastes good (to me). The downside is it’s expensive, it has a pungent odor so I can’t eat it in the house (I live with family), and it contains fat.

Why does this matter? Well for one if I could have it my way, I would eat durian every day. I’m already looking into planning a trip to Thailand or Malaysia where I can openly eat it and try all the varieties. Secondly I have lost over 57 pounds during my juice cleanse and I don’t want to gain it back.

Intellectually I know I would have to eat a whole lot of durian to gain all the weight I’ve lost back, but I have to acknowledge that it is an irrational fear I hold.

I struggled with food addictions and that’s one of the things that led me to do the juice cleanse in the first place, so my mini obsession with durian scares me a little bit.
Maybe my body needs some fat after going so long without it and I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Besides there isn’t anything in fruit like there is in processed foods that causes food addiction.

With that being said, I still want to stick to my plan and reintroduce foods in stages. I want to get a handle on this raw vegan lifestyle and build a strong foundation so I can maintain it for the rest of my life.

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