Fruit feast day 14 #IKHLW

Today was a much better fruit day than yesterday. I started the day with a coconut water jackfruit smoothie.
For lunch I had my boo, papaya. It was ripe and juicy. I had two Chinese melons for a snack.

I was out running errands and I got hungry. I’ve been advised that you should always have fruit on hand like bananas apples or oranges otherwise known as grab and go fruit. The problem is, I don’t really like these fruits that much. So I got to thinking that I need to find some staple fruits.

I was on a mission to find soursop, and I was told I could find one at a Latin grocery store. So I went to two stores in my area and no luck. I did buy plantains. I heard they taste better than bananas, so I’m going to give them a try and hopefully make them a staple. I picked up a different variety of papaya while I was there I’m eager to try. I’ll post about it in tomorrow’s blog.

For my last meal, I had watermelon.

So I have spent a lot of money since I’ve started this fruit feast. I’m not really complaining because I see it as an investment in my health. I’ve gotten to taste a lot of great fruit that I would have never tasted before. But the reality is, like anyone else I’m on a budget. I have to devise a strategy where I can continue to buy and try new fruits and have some staple grab and go fruits without breaking the bank. I’m open for suggestions.

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