Fruit feast day 11 #IKHLW

I started the day with black mission figs and a Chinese melon. It was my first time having both.

The figs were hit or miss. Some of them had a rich maple syrup flavor and some had no flavor at all. I noticed the ones with flavor had syrup coming out of them so I guess that is an indication of their ripeness.

The melon has a light refreshing taste. Like a cross between a sweet cucumber and celery. Out of the two fruits, I liked the melon the best.

I am spending the weekend at a hotel so I made sure I stocked the mini fridge with plenty of fruit.

I even snuck in some frozen durian.

Speaking of durian, I’ve had it every day since Wednesday (fruit feast day 8). I love it but I’m going to leave it alone for the rest of the fruit feast.

As I’ve stated before I started the fruit feast to reintroduce solid food after being on a juice cleanse for 114 days. I didn’t have any fat during that time and I think my obsession with durian may have to do with the fat content. Not that I think that is a bad thing but I wanted to reintroduce one thing at a time so I’m going to stick with high water content fruits.

I can tell there’s a difference in my digestion since I’ve been eating so much durian. It’s slower and I can feel what I eat sitting on my side while it’s digesting.

I’m ending the day with my boo, papaya. I’m going to be eating more papayas and watermelon to get my digestion back on track.

I ordered a rebounder and I’m excited to start using it and reaping the benefits. Once I receive it, I will blog about my first impression.

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