Fruit feast day 8 #IKHLW

I learned my lesson today!

I was so excited to try the durian I bought so I opened it up this morning pulled out the pods and packed it in a container for work.

I did notice a smell but I didn’t think much of it. I get to work, pull the container out of my lunch bag and open it up ready to eat it. When my coworker comes in she says she smells gas. I don’t really smell it. She walks closer to my desk and says that the smell gets stronger near me. I sit in front of the heating vent so she just assumed that is where the smell was coming from and calls maintenance.

The maintenance man came up and walked the office floor. The first thing he said was it wasn’t gas, it was some kind of food smell. So while he was searching in the garbage bins looking for food, I politely grabbed my lunch bag and took my container of durian to my car. While in my car I gave my smelly food a taste.

It tastes like sweet green onions garlic and cream it’s contrary to what you expect a fruit to taste like but I like it.
When I returned to the office, the maintenance man did find a bag of food sitting behind a shelf, and the smell was starting to dissipate.

So needless to say I will be enjoying my durian in the privacy of my car and will never again bring it to work.

Never a dull moment on the fruit feast!

I had a papaya for a snack and for lunch I went to my car and enjoyed the durian in all its pungent glory.

I’m having jackfruit and my finally ripe cherimoya for my last meal. I know I said I wasn’t going to eat jackfruit again until I bought a fresh one and ripened it myself but I decided to give it another try. Since I love durian so much and the jackfruit is the cousin of durian, I don’t want to discriminate, I want to love them both.

I’m glad I gave jackfruit another try. This one wasn’t over ripe like the last one and it was very good.

Cherimoya is so good it’s creamy a little tart. I will definitely try it again.

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