Fruit feast day 7 #IKHLW

Tamarind to start the day. It’s so good it tastes like something I shouldn’t be eating. It’s not a water rich fruit, but it has health benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Weight loss aid
  • Good for digestion
  • High iron content helps blood circulation
  • Nerve function due to high levels of B complex

The one draw back to eating tamarind is it can thin the blood if you consume too much. I don’t know what too much is but I won’t be eating this on a daily basis.

Next was a mango coconut water smoothie. My new boo. I used my last young Thai coconut so I have to go back to get more.

Lunch time. This papaya was perfect. I really missed eating papaya. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (it’s only been a couple of days).

A coworker made a comment about how frequently I use the bathroom. It got me to thinking how people have gotten used to infrequent elimination. Food is fuel and nourishment for the body. The S.A.D diet has people experiencing constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut among other stomach and digestive issues. So I can see why people are afraid to use the restroom, lol.

Like I’ve mentioned before, fruit runs right through me, in a good way. I eat fresh ripe water rich fruit, my body digests it, absorbs what it needs and gets rid of the rest. So the frequency of my trips to the bathroom just lets me know that I’m eating the right foods.
I digress. After work I’m stopping at the Asian market to get some dragon fruit, mangoes and young Thai coconuts. I also saw some Chinese melons my last visit, I may pick up a couple of those too.

Last meal of the day dragon fruit. I bought a durian at the Asian market. It’s frozen so when it thaws I’ll be trying it for the first time!  Trying new fruits is so exciting I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

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