Affirmations that keep you overweight and unhealthy #IKHLW


You are who you say you are. Everything you say is an affirmation and many of us are affirming our overweight and unhealthy bodies by these very statements:

  • I could never give up my (enter your food addiction here)
  • Eating healthy is too expensive (so is medication and hospital bills)
  • We are all going to die anyway so I might as well eat what I want (I’d rather not contribute to my death)
  • I have to cook what my family wants to eat (no your family has to eat what you want to cook)
  • I’ve been this size so long I may as well get used to it (so you are choosing to be overweight and unhealthy)
  • I was having a craving, I’m not going to deny myself (no, you have a parasite, starve it)
  • These plant based diets and natural remedies are just a gimmick to take your money (and the pharmaceutical industry isn’t)

Stop affirming your excuses and start making small changes to improve your body and health.

To learn how to develop a plan for success and stop negative self talk, buy the book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I 

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