Fruit feast day 5 #IKHLW

I was supposed to make this mango coconut water smoothie the other day when I was on mango island, but I was distracted by papayas. Anyway this is so good! Sweet creamy and buttery flavored, I’ve been drinking this all day.

I used my cocodrill to open my young Thai coconut. I got this at it’s cheaper than the cocojack and it is designed for putting a straw hole in the coconut so you can drink right out of it.

I blended the coconut water and 4 mangoes in my nutri ninja and out came my new favorite smoothie! I am definitely going to be drinking this smoothie on a regular basis.

I ate the last of my papayas yesterday and I really wish I had a ripe one. I bought a green papaya but it’s not ripe yet. I am really contemplating driving to the store to see if I can get a ripe one. #teampapaya

I do have a cantaloupe that I need to eat so I will have that and get papayas tomorrow.

I was concerned about whether I would get full on fruit and so far that hasn’t been a problem. I start my beginners yoga practice next week so I will see if that changes anything.

I am really enjoying this fruit feast. I’m trying new fruits and enjoying my favorite fruits in a new way and I started eating papaya.

Side note: I’ve lost 3 pounds since starting the fruit feast. I’m really not doing it for weight loss since I’ve already lost 54 pounds on my juice cleanse, but I figured it was worth a mention since gaining weight on this fruit feast was a concern (an irrational one).

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