Fruit feast day 4 #IKHLW

For my first meal I had 3 dragon fruit and one papaya. This was my first time having dragon fruit and I wasn’t disappointed!

The red dragon fruit has a slight beet flavor. It is not sweet overall but it has sweet moments (if that makes sense). It has the texture of a kiwi. I really enjoyed it.

My next meal I had more dragon fruit. The white is nice, I liked it but I prefer the red dragon fruit. I also ate my last two papayas.

I bought a green papaya and a cherimoya, both have to ripen. I’ve never had a cherimoya and I’m anxious to try it.

I am always thinking of how I want this fruit feast to be for me, what my goals are. First I want to make it simple. Grab and go fruits. Second I want to try new fruits. I have found new fruits at my local Asian store and I want to find a Latin grocery store so I can find more new fruits. An online option is they offer tropical fruits by the box. I want to order their variety box. I really want to try jackfruit. Third I want to eat more intuitively instead of following a schedule. It is suggested by the sponsor of this fruit feast that you eat when your hungry and not follow a breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule. I want to pay attention to my body and know what it needs when it needs it.

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