Fruit feast day 1 #IKHLW

Day 1 of 31 of the fruit feast. I’m so excited. I got over zealous and tried to buy all the fruit.

I got strawberries, blueberries, 2 cantaloupes, 2 watermelons, 3 dragon fruits (I’ve never had those) 2 bags of blood oranges, 11 papayas, a case of mangoes and a case of young Thai coconuts for coconut water.

I started the day with a table spoon of papaya seeds. Papya seeds are known to kill parasites. For more information click here.

After that I had some coconut water. I made a blueberry juice, sliced papya for lunch, some mangoes and another papaya just in case I’m still hungry at work.

Chewing is going to be weird after being on a 114 day juice cleanse, but fruit is hydrating, cleansing and healing. I feel this is the best way to transition to a raw vegan lifestyle.

The one frustrating thing about this transition is trying to explain to people the health benefits and answering all the questions (is fruit nutritious?, how will you get protein?, and so on).

I had an awkward moment at lunch when I noticed my coworkers standing around my desk waiting for me to take a bite of my papaya, like I forgot how to chew or something.

For dinner I had watermelon, squeezed some lime juice on it and sprinkled some cayenne pepper over it. The taste was amazing! I got the idea from watching The Raw Boy on YouTube.

Day 1 was good. I didn’t have any stomach upset and I found a new way to enjoy watermelon.

I will be blogging daily about the fruit feast.

If you would like to join me, sign up to the blog and leave a comment.

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