The Juice cleanse update 100 days February 14, 2017 #loveyourselfbacktogoodhealth #IKHLW

This post is late. I was supposed to post this on February 14,2017 which marked my 100th day on my juice cleanse.

I can’t believe I have gone 100 days. It was never my intention to go this long but I didn’t go into the cleanse with any set expectations or hard dates because I don’t do well with self imposed deadlines. They tend to activate my procrastination reflexes.

In 100 days on my juice cleanse I have lost 50lbs (from 206 to 156). I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10.

Buying new clothes was a real trippy experience for me which I will explain in detail in a separate post.

All of that was a pleasant side effect of going on the juice cleanse, but not the reason I started the juice cleanse or the changes I was looking for. Read Cleansing

The real changes were in my breaking food addictions, improving my digestion and releasing the emotional baggage of physical abuse I suffered many years ago. The emotional release literally just happened two weeks ago when I realized that I had never been obese in my adult life, the reason I had gained weight was my body’s response to the abuse I was suffering during the relationship I was in. Then all of a sudden I broke into tears, forgave myself and finally released those emotions. It was very freeing and renewing to put that painful past behind me.

Why have I been on the cleanse so long? The truth is, the longer I was doing it, the easier it became. I was also a little nervous about how to reintroduce solid food, not because of weight gain but because I don’t want to eat something that is going to cause me stomach upset. I’ve been researching on how to break a juice cleanse, and I’m ready to start eating solid foods.

My official last day of all juice will be February 28, 2017.

Juicing will still be a part of my daily routine, I plan to have one juice per day.

My reintroduction to solid food will be a 31 day fruit feast beginning March 1-March 31 led by Orvel Douglas, a Fruitarian and nutritional coach I follow on Facebook

Just to clarify that I’m not going from one cleanse to another. I am very interested in the raw vegan/fruitarian lifestyle and my intention when starting the juice cleanse was to transition from junk food vegan to raw vegan so I feel this 31 day fruit feast is a logical progression. I will definitely blog about my experience.

As the final days of my juice cleanse are winding down, I’m feeling a spirit of gratitude. I’m grateful for the fact that I was able to experience emotional growth and release. I am grateful that I gained focus and mental clarity. I am grateful that I made my physical, emotional and spiritual healing a priority in my life, and I am grateful that I shed the weight of abuse.

To read more about my journey and the effect emotions have on weight loss, buy the book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I 

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