My colon hydrotherapy experience #IKHLW


This post is about bodily functions. The language is not very graphic but the subject matter may not appeal to all readers.

This post is a long time coming. I mentioned I would talk about my colon hydrotherapy experience in my blog post  Juicing update/Quck rant

I decided to go on a juice cleanse after being on a vegan junk food binge that had me feeling depressed and so bloated I looked like I was five months pregnant.

My focus for the cleanse was to improve my digestion so I can transition into a clean vegan diet.

I was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome in the past and I’ve read about how the colon is the foundation of good health.

One of the ways to help heal the colon is through colon hydrotherapy or colonics as they are popularly referred to.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove fermented fecal matter, gas and mucus. A clean colon allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily.  Colonics also help rehydrate & reshape the colon.

There is a big difference between a healthy colon and a toxic one. A lot of health and emotional problems can be attributed to a toxic colon.

The colon is six feet long and a toxic colon can hold up to 20 pounds of impacted waste.

I definitely knew I had a toxic colon and decided to get colon hydrotherapy.

Between November 30, 2016-December 14, 2016 I got six colonics at Total Body Image. There I received an open colonic.

With the open colonic system, the table on which you sit has a basin set into it.

Your hips are at the edge of the basin so intestinal waste may fall easily into it. The waste is “open” to the air, hence the term “open-system”. You insert a pencil-thin stick called a speculum into the anus.

Pressurized water flows from a tank. The water fills up your colon and you let gravity take over. There is also a tube on the machine that lets you see what you are passing (it’s like a car wreck, you don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away).

The kind of colonics I’ve seen on reality shows have been the closed type. Closed colonics use a large tubing system and there is a therapist that sits with you and administers the colonic.

I ended up choosing the open colonic because it was the only type I could find in my area.

When I arrived at my first session, the therapist had me fill out a basic medical questionnaire and explained the process of colon hydrotherapy to me.  She also showed me a chart with pictures of a healthy colon and colons in different stages of disfuction.  The therapist also explained to me what section of my colon would be cleansed with each session.

I entered a private room with warm lighting from a pink Himalayan salt lamp. The therapist checked to make sure l inserted the speculum property by explaining what I should be feeling and instructing me how to reposition myself for maximum water flow.

The therapist came in the room periodically to check the water pressure, temperature and make sure I was not experiencing any discomfort.

I have to admit it was really awkward every time the therapist came in the room, I couldn’t imagine getting a closed colonic where the therapist sits with you throughout the process.

It took me awhile to get used to letting the water flow, at first I was fighting it and holding the water in (like you would do with an enema).  Once I relaxed and let the water do the work, what came out of me was quite shocking.

Without being too graphic, the first session was like I was passing rocks. The following sessions I moved waste of all shapes, sizes and consistencies. It was amazing and disturbing what I was holding inside my colon.

The price I paid for my six sessions was 85.00 for the first four, the fifth one was free and the sixth one was at a reduced price of 65.00.

I plan on making colonic hydrotherapy a part of my healthy lifestyle and get them once a year. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying it.

With any service like this do your research, get feedback from people who have done it. Check the facility for reviews and the therapist for certifications.

If price is holding you back, look at it like this, would you rather spend money on getting a healthy hydrated colon or on prescription drugs, laxatives and antacids.

If you have had colonic hydrotherapy please share your experience. If you are interested in getting colon hydrotherapy feel free to ask questions.

To learn how to take control over your eating habits after you get your colon hydrotherapy, buy the book I Know How to Lose Weight, So Why Haven’t I 

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