Juicing update/quick rant #IKHLW

Rant first:

Tomorrow 1/5/17 will be my 60th day on a juice cleanse.  For the past five days I have been sick. I rarely get sick but there is this virus going around and I caught it.

There are some things that I have been doing which I will explain later that I feel made me susceptible to the virus. So when I explained to a friend that I was sick, the first thing they said was, “you are sick because of juicing.”

Needless to say that statement made me a little tight. Like the thought of giving my body nothing but nutrients from living fruits and vegetables would make me sick as opposed to eating processed foods and chewing on dead flesh full of bacteria, blood, puss and antibiotics. SMH

Rant over.

So why did I get sick?

First, I stopped drinking enough juice. When you are on a juice cleanse for a prolonged period of time you don’t have much of an appetite. At least I didn’t and instead of drinking my regular three bottles of juice a day, I was only drinking one.

Second, I let toxins build up in my body. For the first five weeks of my juice cleanse, I was getting colonic hydrotherapy. I will blog about my experience in another post. I stopped for financial reasons (saving for a house), and I didn’t replace it with an elimination plan.  The longer you are on a juice cleanse, the less bowel movements you have.

Because juice has no fiber, there is nothing to push out the toxins from your colon, so it is important to use a mild herbal laxative or do regular enemas.

Third, I wasn’t sticking to my sleep schedule. When cleansing, or starting any healthy lifestyle change, sleep is the most important weapon in your arsenal. It is during sleep that your body repairs itself. When you shortchange your body of sleep, you throw your whole system out of wack.

Fourth, l got diverted from the real reason I started the juice cleanse in the first place. I’ve lost 36lbs so far and I made that the focus of the cleanse. I’ve become a slave to the scale and I get stressed when my weekly weigh in doesn’t show the number I think it should. I started this cleanse to break food addictions, give my digestion a rest, to stop using food as a punishment/ reward, to gain clarity and to transition to a healthier vegan diet. Weight loss is just a byproduct, but healing myself is the main goal.

I’m thinking about going another 30 days on the cleanse, getting sick let me know I have more healing to do. Now that I know  what I’ve been doing wrong, I can continue on a better note.

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